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Welcome to the Preston Faith Forum website

The site contains information about the main faith groups in Preston, providing a brief overview of the main tenets of belief of each of the faiths, together with some of the cultural implications such as customs and daily living. Click on one of the faith group links on the left, to go directly to the page about that faith.

There is also a directory of all the meeting places and places of worship for the faith groups in Preston, which gives addresses and telephone numbers for each.

If you need any further information about any of the faiths in Preston, you will find a contact at the end of each of the faith group pages and there are links to other websites, both local and national, on the Faith Directory page.

Common Statement belonging to the Faith Communities of Preston

  • We bring greetings from the Faith Communities to the people of Preston.
  • We are proud of our commitment in Preston to seek to live together in peace and goodwill.
  • We affirm our desire to promote respect and tolerance for the integrity of each others beliefs, cultures and traditions. This desire arises not only from our common humanity, but also from our being people of faith and prayer.
  • We recognise that as neighbours, we have responsibilities to the community, the world and ourselves.
  • We urge all our fellow citizens to continue to put aside intolerance, malice and strife in order to attain peaceful and fruitful coexistence and cooperation