Preston Faith Forums 2nd Visit to Calais, France

“We need food, water and clothing but we don’t want it. What we want is to be recognised as Humans and treated as such” – Refugee in Calais

We are pleased to inform you that from Friday 6th November to Sunday 8th, representatives from the Preston Faith Forum, and supported by the Light Foundation propose to return to the “Jungle”, otherwise known as the Refugee Camp in Calais, France with a renewed spirit and strategy, in an attempt to respond to the ongoing Humanitarian crisis currently unfolding before our very own eyes.

Hearts across Europe were suddenly opened since Aylan the Syrian Kurdish boy on the shores of Kos on the morning of Wedesday 2nd of September 2015. Responses have been generous but the need is overwhelming and continues. We still need to help those suffering unimaginable poverty, and daily trauma, living in destitution in the open with winter approaching.

We learned a tremendous amount from our first trip, and propose to emulate the most successful examples that we saw working as effectively and safely as possible.

We also seek support from those who have no religion or no faith. For this project we each express our spirituality with open hearts and practical action.


1. We need your help to raise cash donations and the following items which are needed the most.

(Please note we will not be collecting anything else):

Ground sheets,
Tarpaulins for overhead shelter
Seasoned firewood and kindling
Bottled water
Energy drinks
Men’s cotton underpants (NEW ONLY)
Roll on underarm deodorants
Hand sanitiser
Sleeping bags
Fleece blankets
Men’s outdoor shoes
Food in tins or packages
Cooking pots and utensils
Brand-new cardboard boxes

2. Donate money so we can purchase and distribute the most needed aid effectively on the ground.

You can send your donations to Preston Faith Forum, a registered UK charity. :

Royal Bank of Scotland
Name: Preston Faith Forum
Account number: 10481345
Sort code: 16-28-33

Please contact the following for further information:

Jeremy Dable: 07973 310450
Arfan Iqbal: 07930 557828
Nadeem Ashfaq: 07794 949217

Thank you
Preston Faith Forum

Preston Faith Forum Calais Refugee Visit 2015

”We need food, water and clothing but we don’t want it. What we want is to be recognised as Humans and treated as such” – Refugee in Calais

Responding to the Humanitarian crisis currently unfolding in refugee camps throughout Western Europe, the Preston Faith Forum are sending two representatives from their Board to Calais, France as a matter of urgency to assist in the distribution of essential aid and supplies. Nadeem Ashfaq has links with charities already well established in this task whose information and guidance has proved invaluable.

When and Who will be going: 

Departing on Friday 25th September 2015 and arriving on Sunday 27th, will be our Chair Jeremy Dable and Vice-Chair Nadeem Ashfaq.

Why Go?

Known as the ‘Jungle’ the Refugee camp near Calais, France has 3500 inhabitants camped out in primitive conditions.

The precise status of the people gathered together in Calais with the hope of making it to the UK in uncertain. It is likely that a number of them satisfy the legal status of refugees under international law. It is possible that some do no and have been driven to make their journeys for other reasons. However, by the time they have made it to Calais such distinctions are unimportant as for as the condition and their needs are concerned. Reports confirm that all of them are traumatised one way or another by their journeys. All of them are wretched. All of them are destitute. All of them are in need of recognition as human beings in the form of shelter, clothing, food, water, medicine and sanitation and just a simple friendly smile and a kind word.

None of the them  have access to funds or housing: this is why they reside in the camps. Due to conflict  or other hardships many people have faced injury, disability, torture, starvation, neglect and poor mental health. In addition to the jungle in Calais, there are at least two other camps which have even less in terms of facilities.


– There are over 3500 poor, cold and hungry people there

– 3 hour queue for 1 meal per day

– 2 hour queue for a six minute shower

– 6 hour queue to see a doctor

– Many people without shoes or socks

– No security or protection

– 1 portable toilet per 150 people

– Local charities struggling to meet the camp needs

– Syrian refugees are small in number but still arriving

– Largest groups are from Sudan, Eritrea, Afghanistan and Egypt.


Donate money so we can purchase and distribute the most needed aid effectively on the ground.

Donate to the Preston Faith Forum:

Royal Bank of Scotland

Name: Preston Faith Forum

Account number: 10481345

Sort code: 16-28-33

Alternatively you can donate clothing, food or other items.


Camp Supplies:

– Tents

– Sleeping bags, blankets

– Lots of tarpaulins (Heavy duty plastic sheets) and ground sheets

– Bottles of drinking water

– All food (halal meat)

– Pre-cooked meals

  • Hi energy products
  • Charcoal
  • Cooking stoves

Hygiene and toiletries:

  • Soap
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Razors- disposable
  • Face creams
  • Shaving lotion
  • Aftershave balm
  • Anti perspirents
  • Moisturiser
  • Lip balm
  • anti-bacterial Hand gel
  • Baby wipes
  • Sudocream for skin rashes
  • Calamine lotion

Men and Women’s Clothing. New or nearly new:

  • Rainproof jackets
  • Warm coats
  • Scarves
  • Hats
  • Wellies
  • Gloves
  • Socks – lots needed
  • Durable footwear sizes 40-45 (UK sizes 7,8 & 9 most needed).
  • Track suits

Drop of Points througout Preston:


1) Iqra Islamic Education Centre
33-39 Garstang Road, PR1 1LA
Monday-Friday: 4pm to 7pm

2) Aqsa Mosque
101 Fishwick Parade, PR1 4XR
Monday-Friday: 4pm to 7pm

3) Sikh Gurdwara
2-10 Tunbridge Street, PR1 3YN
Monday to Friday: 4pm to 7pm

4) Heritage Church
Lancaster Road, PR1 2SQ
Saturday: 10.30am to 1pm. Sunday: 9am to 1pm
Wednesday: 10am to 1pm and 6.15pm to 7.45pm
Thursday: 10am to 1pm.

5) Central Methodist Church
Lune Street, PR2 1NL

Refugee crisis September 2015

An open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron

Dear  David  Cameron,

The  humanitarian  crisis  unfolding  across  Europe  is  on  a  scale  not  seen  since  the  Second  World  War.   Daily,  we  see  news  reports  of  hundreds of  thousands  of  refugees  fleeing  from  a  new  form  of   totalitarianism  and  barbarism.    Many  will  have  seen  the  heart  breaking  pictures  of children  and   families  on  TV.   Pressure  is  mounting  to  help  these  refugees.  Germany  is  accepting  many  thousands,  up  to  800,000   already.

Every  other  country  in  Europe  seems  to  be  doing  this  except  the  UK.   Our  government  talks  about  the  solution  to  the  crisis  being  the  ending of  the  wars  in  the  Middle   East  and  there  can  be  no  argument  about  that,  although  our  leaders  in  Europe  and  elsewhere   appear  to  need more  encouragement    to  bring  those  conflicts  to  an  end.   However  the  immediate  issue  is  the  plight  of  refugees.    This  country  has  to  play  its part  in  taking  in   many  more  refugees,  just  as  it  did  in  the  past:  the  Jews  in  the  1930’s;  the  Ugandan  Asians,  and   many  more  down  the years,  all  who  have  brought  prosperity  and  great  cultural  diversity  and   strength  to  this  country.   As  community  leaders  we  would  say  to government  that  Preston  is  a  generous  city  and,    for  the   sake  of  a  common  humanity,  would  want  to  take  a  share  of    these  desperate  people fleeing  war   and  persecution.   We  are  confident  that  our  city’s  people  would  give  a  generous  welcome  and  do  all  they  could  to   support  any refugees.

If  every  town  and  city  throughout  the  country  makes  a  similar  offer,  the  government  surely  will  find   it  possible  to  open  our  border  to  those in  need.   European  civilisation  has  its  origins  in  the  Abrahamic  tradition  which  requires:

“And  you  are  to  love  those  who  are  foreigners, for  you  yourselves  were  foreigners  in  Egypt.” Deuteronomy  10.19

Yours Sincerely

Jeremy Dable – Chairman Preston Faith Forum
Councillor Peter Rankin
Frank Harrington – Senior UCLAN Lecturer
Nadeem Ashfaq – Vice Chair Preston Faith Forum
Peter Lumsden – Former Chaiman Preston Faith Forum

Welcome to Preston Faith Forum

Preston Faith Forum was formed in 2003 as a way of representing the voice of faith groups and communities. Since then, the Faith Forum has provided a means for communication and consultation between city council and communities.

We also run, facilitate, and support a number of activities aimed at raising awareness of aspects of the various faiths, and in the process encouraging and promoting dialogue. Preston is a multi- cultural, multi-racial City with people of a range of faiths and of no faith. These diverse communities make a major contribution to the economic, social and cultural life of the City.

Between them, the faith communities have a large number of buildings, both historic and contemporary, many of which have been developed to provide community facilities. These old, new and adapted buildings express the diversity which is characteristic of Preston and some of them can be visited as part of the faith trail.

This brochure is intended to give you a greater insight into the different faiths. Inside you will find some information about each faith, something of the history of that faith in Preston, and details as to where different centres of worship are to be found. We hope that you enjoy exploring this rich heritage.



To improve the lives of the citizens of Preston by fostering interfaith dialogue, understanding, co-operation and joint working on a range of social, economic and environmental issues.


  • To support the Preston Strategic Partnership in the development and delivery of a Common Strategy for Preston.
  • To work with and in other partnerships operating in Preston.
  • To influence public sector decision-makers.
  • To excercise Forum’s consultation rights.
  • To share concerns between faith groups.
  • To increase the understanding of faiths and the positive role that they and their communities can play in society.

The Preston Faith Forum was established in May 2002 and has membership from the following faith groups: Christian, Bahá’í, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish and Sikh.

It exists to enable the voice of the people of various faiths in Preston to be heard in the formal decision-making community bodies of the Preston Strategic Partnership and the Preston Community Network.

No less important is the aim to encourage and facilitate constructive and positive dialogue between the various faith groups in Preston.

One of the first actions of the newly established forum was to develope a common statement expressing the aspirations belonging to the faith communities of Preston.

“Working towards PQASSO”

Practical Quality Assurance System for Small Organisations